Formed in 1994, the members of Jibe have made a name for themselves by delivering a signature blend of hard-hitting rock anthems and passionate, melodic ballads.   From intimate rock clubs to arenas, they’ve performed over 2,500 shows all across N. America, and have released four successful independent full-length albums, Live at Trees, 1994; Jibe, 1996; In My Head, 2000; and Uprising, 2003.

Jibe achieved national success with Uprising's first single, "Yesterday's Gone.” –Penned by guitarist, Toby Bittenbender. While Toby had always written a majority share of the musical ideas and riffs he brought to the band for development, this was the first time he wrote lyrics for Jibe; this was a breakthrough moment. Even before Uprising was completed, the demo of “Yesterday’s Gone” received serious airplay locally on 97.1 The Eagle, and from 2002 to 2004, the song climbed the playlists and charts of Rock, and Alternative radio stations across the U.S., repeatedly landing on the Top 10 lists of dozens of stations, and skyrocketing nationally to #71 on the Top 100 Rock Tracks of 2003. (R&R)   Two other singles with lyrics written by Toby Bittenbender were released from Uprising, “Rewind”, and “Hypocrite”.   Both were well received by radio, and “Hypocrite” was added to the soundtrack of the WB T.V. series, One Tree Hill.

As “Yesterday’s Gone” persistently climbed the radio charts, Jibe continued to make headlines with critically acclaimed performances at New York's CBGB's and West Hollywood's infamous Viper Room. After a BMI sponsored SXSW showcase in 2003, Billboard named them, “-One of the top buzz-worthy bands at SXSW” in a cover story review.

Jibe has shared the stage with Jerry Cantrell, Marilyn Manson, Sevendust, The Toadies, Blue October, Drowning Pool, Our Lady Peace, Fair to Midland, Flyleaf, Bowling for Soup, Suicidal Tendencies Godsmack, David Lee Roth, Saliva, Nickelback, Static-X, Oleander, Revis, Lit, Staind, Ours, Creed, Sammy Hagar, Fastball, Silverchair, Doosu, Slow Roosevelt, Flickerstick, Josh Todd, The Flys, and many more.

In late 2003, Jibe began pre-production for their 5th album with producer, Bob Marlette, but this was never completed. In June of 2004, vocalist Joe Grah quit Jibe, and relocated to LA to join the band LOSER with guitarist, John5.  Founding members Toby Bittenbender, and Ben Jeffries (Drummer) continued to write Jibe material until they found the right musicians to complete the band lineup. In 2012, Ben and Toby recruited North Texas talents, Sid Goldsmith (Upside) and James David Shafer (SouthFM, The Feds, House Harkonnen) to join Jibe and release their next record.


More announcements are scheduled for the summer of 2014, as Jibe moves into the studio.

Jibe Is
Sid Goldsmith | Vocals
Toby Bittenbender | Guitars
Ben Jeffries | Drums
James David Shafer | Bass

Past Members
Sean Robinson | Bass
Joe Grah | Vocals | Dead Girls Don't Lie
Cory Tatro | Bass | Whiskey River Ramblers

4.26.14-We're headed into the studio to record this Sunday. We'll be back with new images, video, and demos for our future release.

3.29.14-Our new site is online and ready to go!Just a few more tweaks and Jibe has a new home.

6.9.13-Recording Vox today...sounds amazing....can't wait to share this new music with everyone!!

3.7.13-Rehearsals are underway. More songs and ideas added to the list. It's awesome to be making music with people you respect and love. Good times.

Jibe Gallery:

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Full Length Releases:

  • Live at Trees; 1994.
  • Jibe; 1996.
  • In My Head; 2000.
  • Uprising; 2003.



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